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Global Compliance

Please click on the link below to access Compliance Hotline Website:


Customer Service Statement

We are committed to delivering customer service that exceeds the expectations of our patients, residents, families, staff and professional colleagues.

Service is our culture – SHARE IT!

Our customer service programs reflect our Core Values Shareand are designed to meet or exceed the expectations of our customers. Please let us know if we achieve this goal, or if you have questions or concerns.

We will be Sensitive to the needs of our residents, families and employees.

  • Our Concierge Program reaches out on a daily basis to help develop relationships between residents, families and staff.

We will Help our residents and families with their requests, concerns and questions.

  • Our Manager on Duty Program is designed so that a management representative is available to respond to concerns during the weekend hours and/or holidays.
  • Administrators and Directors of Nursing will make visits during the off shift times – evenings, nights and weekends.

We will Acknowledge performance through:

  • Employee recognition and reward programs
  • Employee of the Month Program
  • Service Awards

We will Respect our residents, families and employees by responding to their concerns.

  • Our Resident Concern Process is used to identify and address resident/family concerns. Please feel free to contact our Social Worker to learn more about this program.
  • The confidential Compliance Hotline is available for residents/families to call with compliments and concerns. The number is .

We will Explain procedures and facility systems when there are questions.

  • Our Care Plan meetings are an integral piece of this communication, please plan to attend whenever possible.
  • Our Family Council meeting provides families with the opportunity to socialize, form relationships with other family members and staff, ask questions and request educational presentations in matters that interest them.
  • The Administrator, Director of Nursing and all department heads have an “open door” policy and are available to answer your questions.

You can contact our Compliance Hotline by WEBSITE or PHONE to share your concerns or compliments.

If you are a resident, patient, family member, friend, vendor or employee, please tell us how we’re doing. All contacts to the compliance hotline will be kept confidential to the extent possible and will be investigated.

Please click on the link below to access Compliance Hotline Website: